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Protecting Policyholders in Claims Against Insurance Companies

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If you have faithfully paid insurance premiums for months or years, only to have your insurance carrier engage in stalling or delaying tactics when you file a rightful claim, you want an experienced attorney to protect your interests. You want a lawyer who knows the strategies the insurance company will use in an effort to avoid paying you the benefits to which you are entitled.

From offices in Lakewood, the law firm of Meier & Giovanini, LLC protects individuals and business owners in claims and policy disputes with insurance companies. A former claims adjuster with the largest insurance company in the United States, attorney Doug Meier understands the claims process and the tactics that insurers use to minimize or avoid paying claims. To set up a free initial phone consultation, contact his office or call Meier & Giovanini, LLC at 303-985-7500.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Meier & Giovanini, LLC handles disputes involving a broad range of insurance policies, including claims under homeowner, business and rental policies. Attorney Meier represents homeowners, landlords, tenants and business owners who have filed legitimate claims under policies of insurance, including requests for coverage for losses due to

  • fire
  • theft
  • water damage
  • hail
  • wind
  • storm damage

The firm also handles disputes involving insurance claims for loss of income.

Because of his experience working for an insurance company, attorney Meier knows the methods employed by insurance companies to limit the amount they will pay on a claim. He also has a strong sense of when an insurance provider is seriously considering denying your claim. If your insurer has requested that you participate in an “examination under oath,” you can anticipate that your claim will likely be denied. This examination, however, will be similar to a deposition and all statements will be potentially admissible in court. It is critical that you be represented by counsel if you submit to such an examination.

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To set up a free initial phone consultation, contact attorney Meier or call his office at 303-985-7500. Evening and weekend meetings are available upon request.

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