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When you hire an attorney to protect your rights, you expect that your lawyer will adhere to a high standard of care, carefully monitoring deadlines, investigating and marshalling all relevant evidence, and providing you with sound legal advice based on knowledge and experience. You also expect that counsel will honor the special relationship between a lawyer and a client, maintaining confidences and loyalties, and avoiding conflicts of interest. When your attorney fails to abide by commonly accepted standards of care, or your lawyer breaches a fiduciary duty to you by wrongfully disclosing confidential information or putting his or her interests ahead of yours, you want an experienced advocate to protect your rights.

Meier & Giovanini, LLC, in Lakewood, protects the rights of individuals who have suffered losses because of the wrongful acts of another attorney, including damages resulting from legal negligence or breach of fiduciary duty. Attorney Doug Meier brings over 20 years of experience to clients with legal negligence claims. To set up a free phone consultation, contact Meier & Giovanini, LLC or call the firm at 303-985-7500.

When You Have Been the Victim of Legal Negligence

When you hire an attorney to protect your interests, your attorney has a duty to act as a reasonably prudent and careful lawyer would in the same circumstances. This includes

  • filing all documents in a timely manner. Your lawyer must file your initial claim in a timely manner, so as to avoid having your claim barred by the statute of limitations. Your lawyer must also meet all other court-imposed deadlines.
  • properly advising you. Your attorney must notify you of all developments in your case and must provide you with a realistic assessment of your likelihood of success under the circumstances.
  • be qualified to take your case. Your lawyer must have the requisite skill and experience to handle your claim or advise you accordingly, if the lawyer is not qualified to handle your case.
  • manage your case in a reasonable manner. Your attorney must take the steps that a reasonable attorney would take, given the specific facts and circumstances of your case.
  • conduct a proper investigation or evaluation. Your lawyer must conduct a reasonable evaluation of your claim before accepting you as a client and must conduct a reasonable investigation of the facts, evidence and circumstances of your case.

If your lawyer has breached any of the duties listed above, or has otherwise committed negligence while representing you, Meier & Giovanini, LLC can help you recover full and fair compensation for your losses.

When Your Lawyer Has Breached a Fiduciary Duty

Under the rules of professional responsibility, lawyers owe certain duties to their clients, known as fiduciary duties. These duties include a duty of confidentiality and a duty of loyalty. If your attorney has wrongfully shared information that you provided during the course of representation, or if your lawyer has placed his or her interests above yours, the law firm of Meier & Giovanini, LLC can help you recover damages for your lawyer’s breach of fiduciary duty.

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