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Legal Malpractice

We hire lawyers for many reasons. But what do you do your lawyer fails you? What do you do when your lawyers misses the statute of limitations or an important deadline? What do you do when you lawyer lacks the knowledge, skill or experience to protect your interests?

With offices in Lakewood, Colorado, Meier & Giovanini, LLC protects the rights of individuals and businesses who have been the victims of negligent or improper conduct by their lawyer. The firm brings 25 years of experience to clients, holding legal professionals accountable when they make a mistake that results in a loss to the client. For a free phone consultation, contact the firm or call Meier & Giovanini, LLC at 303-985-7500.

The Firm’s Legal Malpractice Representation

Meier & Giovanini, LLC handles a broad range of legal malpractice claims, including situations involving the following:

· Failure to file your claim within the statute of limitations

· Failure to meet a court or statutory deadline

· Failure to obtain your share of PERA benefits or federal government pension benefits in a divorce

· Failure to manage your case as a reasonably prudent lawyer would manage it

· Failure to obtain for you what you were entitled to receive under the law

· Failure to fully investigate and evaluate your claim

· Not having the requisite skill and experience to handle your case

· Breach of the lawyer’s fiduciary duty by putting his or someone else’s interests above your interests

Meier & Giovanini, LLC brings 25 years of legal experience to every case, and takes the time necessary to fully investigate the facts involved in your case.

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To arrange a free phone consultation, contact the firm or call Meier & Giovanini, LLC at 303-985-7500.

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