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An Overview of the Practice of Meier & Giovanini, LLC

The law firm of Meier & Giovanini, LLC, with offices in Lakewood, brings over 25 years of experience to clients throughout Colorado. Doug Meier has a strong commitment to justice, having worked for relief organizations in Bangladesh and Thailand, and for the United Nations inn Somalia. He also has experience as a claims adjuster for the largest insurance company in the United States. To set up a free initial telephone conversation, contact Meier & Giovanini, LLC or call the firm at 303-985-7500.

Insurance Bad Faith

If your insurance company is engaging in stalling tactics or has denied or underpaid your claim with no valid basis, Meier & Giovanini, LLC can help you take legal action to protect your interests and recover for your losses. In some circumstances, you may be able to recover double and have your attorney fees paid by your insurance company. See our page on insurance bad faith to learn more.

Meier & Giovanini, LLC represent a wide range of policyholders, including homeowners, business owners, landlords and tenants, in legal actions involving wrongful delays, underpayments, and denials under insurance policies. We handle claims involving damage by fire, water, hail, wind and storm, as well as theft losses and loss of business income. For additional information, go to our page on insurance bad faith.

Legal Malpractice

Meier & Giovanini, LLC represents clients who previously had a lawyer, but who have suffered financial losses because of wrongful conduct by their former lawyer. We handle claims involving failure to meet deadlines (including statute of limitations), failure to properly advise clients, failure to investigate, and claims involving many other situations. To learn more, see our page on legal malpractice.

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To schedule a free initial phone consultation, contact us or call Meier & Giovanini, LLC at 303-985-7500.

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